Inquiries and Feedback

  • What is the source of your information?

    We mine information from a variety of resources including press releases, company web sites, meetings and abstracts, Medline, clinical trial databases (Cancernet, NCI, EORTC, NRC, etc), newsletters and journals, prospectuses, annual reports, 10-Ks, contact with companies and scientists, and other resources.

  • Why would I need to subscribe to nm|OK when I already have in-house resources?

    New Medicine's respected and unique products are peerless in the cancer field. nm|OK holds a unique niche and serves as an invaluable source for companies world wide. nm|OK is all inclusive, bringing together information from commercial, technical, and clinical sources. This unique, idiosyncratic repository provides access to organized, comprehensive information on developments in oncology.

  • How often do you update nm|OK?

    nm|OK is updated in-house continuously from our global resources. The in-house database is then uploaded weekly to the web-based Oncology KnowledgeBASE

  • How long have you been doing business?

    New Medicine began publishing FUTURE ONCOLOGY in 1995. nm|OK was originally designed as an in-house resource for our staff publishing the news letter. Then, in 1998, nm|OK was published on CD-ROM for our subscribers. It has been available on the internet since April 2000.

  • Who are your subscribers?

    Companies from all over the world, executives in business development and marketing, and researchers all subscribe to nm|OK. nm|OK subscribers range in focus and size from companies like Abbott Laboratories and Eli Lilly to OSI and Conjuchem. For companies with multiple locations, we offer multi-site subscriptions.

  • What's the difference between FUTURE ONCOLOGY and nm|OK? And do they contain the same information?

    In its sixth year of publication, FUTURE ONCOLOGY is our premier analytical newsletter, which provides comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of different cancers, cancer treatments, etc. nm|OK serves as the source of the data used for analysis in FUTURE ONCOLOGY, covering over 2000 oncology drugs in development, as well as numerous other related products, and profiling over 1000 developers worldwide in scientific, technological, clinical and commercial developments in oncology. Access to both the analytical resource and the database gives a unique insight into developments in oncology.

  • Why would I need this and what would it do for me?

    Designed with busy executives and researchers in mind, nm|OK allows you to build your own search within its oncologically relevant query modules. A unique combination of user-friendliness with powerful results, nm|OK delivers fast, comprehensive, printable information.

  • Can't I find all of this information over the internet for free?

    The information in nm|OK has been collected into an organized, comprehensive, accessible format that allows the user to rapidly find the required information without having to sift through pages of irrelevant links. Unlike the many resources on the internet, our information has been distilled into a unique repository that allows it to be retrieved in many different ways.


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