Description of Modules

Made up of several modules, nm|OK allows users to easily and selectively sort and download or print the most relevant information needed, thereby saving valuable time. Below you will find a brief description of each module. Please review the Sample Query Screens and Sample Reports and Records pages to find out more on how each module can be used. Modules comprising nm|OK are:

  The New Drugs Module incorporates thousands of agents and technologies in development for the treatment of cancer and its complications. Searches may be performed by:

  • developer/affiliate to obtain product pipelines
  • therapeutic category
    • malignancy
    • moderate-to-severe pain/infection
    • mucositis
    • hypercalcemia, etc.
  • drug type
    • by mechanism
      • apoptosis enhancer
      • angiogenesis inhibitor
      • protein kinase inhibitor
      • cell-cycle modulator
      • cytotoxic
      • differentiation agent, etc.
    • by technology
      • small molecule drug
      • monoclonal antibody (MAb)
      • synthetic nucleic acid sequence (SNAS)
      • RNAi
      • gene transfer, etc.
    • by therapy
      • cytotoxicity
      • immunotherapy/vaccine
      • cytostatic/regulatory agent
      • gene transfer/therapy
      • chemoprevention
      • chemo/radiosensitization, etc.
  • indication - 100 different malignancies and hundreds of sub-classifications by cancer type, stage, severity, etc.
  • development status
    • research
    • preclinical
    • IND
    • phase I/II/III/IV
    • NDA
  • mechanism of action
  • target - over 1200 drugs in clinical and preclinical development target molecular markers described in the Targets in Oncology module of nm|OK
  • administration route
    • oral (PO)
    • intravenous (IV)
    • subcutaneous (SC)
    • intradermal (ID)
    • topical
    • intratumoral
    • intracerebral
    • intraperitoneal (IP), etc.
  • delivery mode
    • liposomal formulations
    • nanoparticles
    • prodrugs
    • PEGylation
    • vectors, etc.
  • clinical trials - includes interim/final results and protocols of thousands of clinical trials; searches allow identifying trials by specific cancer indication, by drugs involved in combination trials (a search can be conducted to identify novel agents being evaluated with another drug, either an approved drug or another novel agent)
  • toxicity

In addition, keyword searches allow users to search for many other issues relevant to drug development in oncology including patents, incidence and prevalence of selected diseases, locations of clinical trials, names of principal investigators, etc.

  The Marketed Drugs Module searches allow users to search for many other issues relevant to drug development in oncology including patents, incidence and prevalence of selected diseases, locations of clinical trials, names of principal investigators, etc.

  • historic and current sales of selected drugs
  • label toxicity
  • pivotal trial description
  • global regulatory data regarding submission status
  • indications in development

  The Company Module lists thousands of companies, their full addresses, contact information, www sites, and oncology product pipelines.

The Targets in Oncology Module describes over 1,200 markers deemed relevant as prognostic, diagnostic, theragnostic, therapeutic, or pharmacogenomic targets in oncology. All data presented is fully cited. This module can be searched by:

  • marker designation, including aliases
  • chromosome location
  • cancer indication - over 100 cancer types
  • application - treatment, diagnosis, prognosis

  The Combination Trials Module module contains detailed descriptions of protocols and interim or final results of clinical trials of combination regimens of approved drugs/modalities. This module currently contains only trials using combinations of approved chemotherapeutics and/or other approved treatment modalities. Descriptions include protocols and/or interim results of ongoing trials and final results of completed trials. The database only reports information from published trials. Clinical trials using novel agents in combination with other novel agents or approved drugs/modalities are described in the New Drugs module.

  The News Summaries Module summarizes news releases broadcast by companies with activities in the cancer field. These summaries include information on significant changes in the status of products, pipelines, financing, and affiliations in the area of oncology. (MORE INFO ON NEWS SUMAMRIES).

  The Oncology Terms and Resources Module is a glossary of oncology-related common terms and also describes numerous resources (professional organizations, government agencies, foundations, advocacy groups, etc.), and links to their websites.


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